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We work closely with our clients to develop a relationship of understanding and a "meeting of the minds". Creativity is our forte', so if you're not sure what you want or need, let us help you work out the details! Need something special, no problem, run it by us. Chances are, we can find a solution that meets your needs and your budget!

:: Shooting/Taping & Editing ADEK Video Shooting

Digital Video Services Offered. Our studios or your location. We can hand over the footage to you for editing, or you can opt for our editing services to complete the project for you! Affordable Project Rates! Looking for a 1-3 minute video spot for the website? Package rate special $650!

:: Studio Rental - Green Room

Need some place to shoot? Come to ADEK! We have a 4000 square foot video studio with high ceilings, a green screen, digital video cameras for rent, editors, screen lights, key lights for rent and more to help you produce your show or your own spot right here! Hourly and daily rentals available! Bring your own gear or use our gear and techs for the job. Prices start at $125/hr. [more info]

:: Web Feeds - Streaming Media Creation/Format Conversions

Video feeds for your website - and now, with our Green Screen room, the possibilities are endless! Bring your own footage in for us to edit and we'll prep your video files. We can convert your file for your website and implement if needed - Music videos, PowerPoint Presentations, instructional videos, family videos, marketing presentations, product demonstrations, or whatever! Loads quickly, plays cleanly and looks great!    [more info]

:: Professional Documentation

Instruction, document historical events, legal proceedings, corporate meetings/conferences, installations, demonstrations, or other special events or projects.

:: Film Transfers and Archiving film transfers

Archive those old 8mm/16mm films and other film type media to DVD or to digital file! We provide high quality, film transfer and archiving services for many different purposes. With today's high end technology, we now have the means to archive just about anything to just about any type of media. Imagine passing down old family videos digitally, in a format that'll last for hundreds of years!

We can provide you the raw film so you can edit yourself, or we can customize your job by adding specially selected music, custom menus, and titles making it a family treasure for all to see! Ask us about our transfer specials! Prices as low as $20 per reel. [more info]

:: Video/Photo Montages

We can turn your photos into an exciting video presentation for all to enjoy! To make it even more exciting, we can add music and captions! Or, if you just want to scan and archive your photos, we can do that too!

:: Live performances

Let ADEK produce, shoot and edit your next live performance. We have all the tools! We'll shoot on location or consider having your shoot in ADEK's 4,000 square foot Live Room that is equipped with gear, audio/video recording rigs and staging.  [more info]

:: Wedding Stories

ADEK wedding videos are exciting and enjoyable to watch, they tell a story, your story. Keep a box of Kleenex close by, you'll be needing it with this one!
NOTE: Wedding videos will be considered on a case by case basis. When ADEK shoots your wedding video - it is NOT your "ordinary" wedding video. We spend a great deal of time interviewing, learning and documenting the lives of the Bride and Groom as well as their families. We tell your story of love and your lives together that lead up to this special day. Prices start at $5000.
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