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High Definition (HD) Transfer Technology

Transfer your 16mm, 8mm Films, VHS tapes, Digital Video Tapes and Photos to DVD! Transfers are done in-house, in our Annapolis, Maryland location!

Video Transfers: Create a Tribute DVD, Dedication Video, memorable family movie, documentary, or just an archival transfer to avoid future loss. Whatever the use, ADEK can assist you with it!

About 8mm & 16mm Film Transfers: Our film transfer system uses a proprietary HD transfer technology. Which means, no stutter, great color, great focus! See the result below. For sound transfer your film must have optical audio embedded into the film. However, there is an exception with 16mm films. We can transfer non-optical audio for 16mm, but the cost is a bit more. Just ask!

Frame by Frame transfer process. The process of eliminating flicker.

Why settle for less? Why settle for flickers?!
With ADEK Film Transfer Services you'll get the best!

Determine your film type:

8mm Film
Regular8 film is 8mm in width, with single sprockets down one side of the film, and these sprocket holes are generally larger than on Super 8mm.
Super 8mm Film
Super8 film is also 8mm in width and may have sound. It has smaller sprockets holes than Regular 8 mm. Sound the film will have a distinct audio track opposite the sprockets. For sound transfer your film must have optical audio embedded into the film.
16mm Film
16mm film is (you guessed it!) 16mm wide, and may have sound. This film can have sprocket holes on either side of the frame or both sides and runs twice as fast as Regular 8mm film. Great results, no flicker. For sound transfer your film must have optical audio embedded into the film.
8mm Film Transfers Super 8mm Film Transfers 16mm Film Transfers
Pricing for 8mm & 16mm Transfers:

Prices vary depending on the size of the reel and quantity of reels you have. The most common sizes are 50', 200' & 400' reels. We offer quantity discounts for three or more reels.

Diameter: 3" = 50ft.   As low as $25 per reel with 5 or more.
Diameter: 4" = 100ft.  As low as $30 per reel with 5 or more.
Diameter: 5" = 200ft.  As low as $30 per reel with 5 or more.
Diameter: 6" = 300ft.  As low as $39 per reel with 10 or more.
Diameter: 7" = 400ft.  As low as $39 per reel with 10 or more.


  • Finalized DVD for play in a DVD player or computer.
  • Digital Files to External Hard/Flash/Thumb drive for archiving/editing.
  • Add Background Music - royalty free for a non-silent film experience.
  • Add Chapter Markers - easily scan through the footage.
  • Scene Selection - just like the movies, add thumbnails of each reel in a menu format.
  • Audio Transfer - no charge if films have "OPTICAL" audio embedded tracks.
  • Additional DVD Copies at a reduced rate - as low as $7.50 ea.

*Digital files are MOV format, 480/720/1080p and very large! We can provide other formats for an add'l processing fee. Just ask!

Determine the size of your film reel:

What size reel to do you have?
NOTE: 16 mm film reels have different run times. 5" Reels have an approx. 8 min. run time, 7" reels have an approx. 15 min. run time.

8mm & 16mm Film Transfers (transfer them before it's too late!)

  • 8mm & 16mm HD frame by frame technology, eliminates flicker
  • Now capturing optical audio with no additional cost.
  • Custom music accompaniment or narration available (editing fees will apply, ask for more info)

Cassette-Type Film Transfers

VHS & VHS-C Transfers to DVD (Just like film reels, VHS tapes are becoming a thing of the past!)

Special Discounted Pricing - Limited time!

  • 1-10 tapes $25 each
  • 11+ tapes $22 each

Tapes with more than 2 hrs of footage will incur an addt'l $15 per hour.

Mini DV Tapes

  • 1-10 tapes $30 each
  • 11+ tapes $25 each

Hi-8, VIDEO 8, Digital 8, 8mm tapes to DVD

  • 1-10 tapes $30 each
  • 11+ tapes $25 each

Beta to DVD: Sorry, we no longer transfer beta tapes.


Helpful Tips:

The sooner your transfer these films the better result you will have. Over time, films can deteriorate and darken with age. Please make sure you store these valuable treasures in a climate controlled environment, away from moisture (basements are not a good place).  If possible, always keep them in an air tight container and avoid running them through old projectors for viewing. Doing so, increases wear and tear.

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