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We welcome you to read The ADEK Story. Although the business has grown and evolved into much more than it was originally formed to be, the foundation remains the same, the philosophy remains the same, and the people remain the same -- ROCK SOLID!

Read the ADEK Story: Where it all began...

I'm so glad you're interested in ADEK Productions. Thanks for taking a moment to hear the story behind the "ADEK Concept": Artist Development Entertainment Kompany (spelled with a "K").

I started the makings of this company way back in the 1980's... <grin> when I was "Gigging" around town, although "around town" for me was in Japan (Okinawa and Tokyo 1982).
I'd played in more places then I could even remember. I had contracts with several night club chains and a lot of the military bases over there. Most of the musicians who played in my band were active duty in the military because that's what the Japanese public and the military base clubs wanted. My lord, I went through quite a few changes with musicians and equipment that it got really hard to fulfill my obligations to contracts. This is where it all began...

ADEK Productions - BandsIt didn't take long for me to smarten-up and figure out a way to make it work. I started buying all the equipment I needed for the band so I didn't need to rely on anyone for anything and started a Rolodex of musicians to call for gigs. I was in control of the contracts, the equipment, the artists, everything. Suddenly, it was no longer just a hobby but rather a full-blown, full-time job!

Then, one day I had the chance of a lifetime >> a RECORD DEAL. But I was so young and inexperienced with things of this nature that I "missed the boat". I couldn't tell who I should or shouldn't trust -- the Record Company or the Lawyers. So, I chose to let it go.

I realized then, that my music was more important to me then that almighty "record deal". I was playing music for myself. The "art" of it all was what I really wanted. MEC Gig2 There's nothing more satisfying then composing music and performing it. It was at this time I started a company called the Music Entertainment Company (MEC). Gearing the business to musicians who wanted to share their music with others in a live setting.

Once I opened up this avenue it became apparent that there were still many obstacles to overcome, especially the equipment issue. It seemed like everyday a new piece of equipment was coming out to enhance a musician's art. Midi had just been born, closely followed by personal computers, which were just starting to rear their heads.Hollywood Park CA How could an average person deal with the fact that every time they buy a new piece of gear the very next day it was outdated or obsolete?! Of course, this turned just about everyone into "gear heads". I, of course, was one of them and I still am, but during that time I focused highly on the "art" of music.

I returned to the USA back in 1987 and what a shock it was for me! Six years of playing on the foreign circuit with great success only to find out that I was now outdated. "Okay Chanssez, concentrate on the art...." And so the real building began... I got married, started a family, then set up my first studio, we named it the Artist Development Entertainment Kompany (spelled with a "k", to show a little rebellion against the standard) for recording services and practice space in San Bernardino, California. It lasted all of about 6 months then !@SPLAT#! -- I lost $10,000 before I could even get started. Poor planning? Poor timing? Who knows... Man, this business is hard...

I ran home with my tail tucked firmly between my legs and concentrated on having and supporting my family (that's what I call a real job!).

After a few years of ignoring my passion (playing music) Sarah, my wife, and I returned to renew the Artist Development Entertainment Kompany (ADEK ) with a new vision and total commitment in mind. Our goal was to help others with what I've learned from experience. No, I didn't know everything but I knew that what I DID know could make a big difference in someone else's life.

Since then we've built a half dozen different studios and rehearsal halls, I've written an endless number of songs, and have been involved with many great artists and musicians. What an experience.

The Artist Development Entertainment Kompany is just that and then some. It was formed to place emphasis on the client's needs and to help create the sight & sound the Artist is looking for. It has since become a much greater enterprise emphasizing on the new age of digital media for artists and commercial business in more ways than just the art of music.

No matter what you come to us for, with ADEK you'll have it YOUR WAY. We want to help you see your vision to fruition. We pride ourselves on being there to help you achieve what you want and need, not to tell you what you can or can't do. As a business owner or corporate client, you can feel confident that ADEK will understand your needs and help your business grow. As an artist, you won't spend your hard-earned money on expensive gear that others may say you need. You don't need to take all those shabby deals (gigs) that come up -- You can do better... as long as you are well equipped! The keyword in our name is "DEVELOPMENT", it applies to all of our clients, across the board. We're here to make sure you're well equipped and well developed no matter what your goal is. No, it's not free, and yes, you'll be making a small investment into your business, into your art -- into your future, but it's your business, your art, your future, not theirs or ours and if you ask me, that's well worth it!

"To be an individual one must stand up as an individual. Let them come to you.... "

~ Chanssez'

Email me sometime.

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