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Pictured: ADEK Studio A
Acoustic Room for Recording, Live Shoots, Live Events and more! Just ask!


Home Audio Recording Studio
Recording Studio

Pro Tools Studio w/ 2 ISO Booths
Voice Overs - Music - Song Recording

ProTools Studio - Hourly & Block Rates Available.

With 3500 square feet of studio space and a 1 Ton Sound/ISO Booth, ADEK offers a very comfortable and roomy atmosphere. Walking into the studio you are welcomed with hardwood floors, bold deco and subtle lighting that sets the mood for creativity.

  • Artists, Bands, other Creative Groups
  • Commercial Narration and Voice Overs
  • Mix Downs
  • Editing

Producers and Song Writers Available!

Our experienced engineers, producers and songwriters work closely with our Clients for the best possible result, whether it's music, voice overs, or anything else.
Studio Recording RatesPay as You Go: $125/hr M-F  10am to 5pm, Sat. 12pm to 3pm
Prepay 2 Hour Prepaid: $95/hr ($190) M-F  10am to 5pm, Sat. 12pm to 3pm
Prepay 4 Hour Prepaid: $85/hr ($340) M-F  10am to 5pm, Sat. 12pm to 3pm
Evening Sessions: $105/hr M-F 5pm to 10pm  $125/hr M-F 10pm to midnight
Sunday Sessions: $125/hr 12pm to 6pm
** Gift Certificates Available! **
NOTE: Setup is part of your studio time. If you have a big band/group, prepare to spend an hour or so with setup prior to recording. Setup begins at your scheduled time.  Please, no young children in studio unless they are part of the talent/recording. Thank you.
New to the studio environment? No problem. Come on in, take a studio tour, talk to an engineer about your project.

Have technical questions? Call 410.268.9109 or Toll Free 800.773.8849 Come in for a tour!

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