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LP, Reel to Reel, Cassette and 8-Track Tape Transfers to CD and MP3

Listen to those old LP's again! Got old reels, not sure what's on them? Bring them to ADEK and we'll transfer them to CD or MP3 or both! Cassettes old school and close to vintage, so don't delay, transfer today!Audio reel transfers to CD or MP3

Reel to ReelTransfers include minor editing, clean up to give you the best possible result without addt'l charge.  More extensive editing options are available. Reels vary in length and speed so it's not easy to determine how much time each real will take to transfer, but figure at least 2 hours, could be double that or more with some reels.  
  • Reels can be recorded both sides and at variable speeds. We charge $35/hr to transfer, min. $65.
LP's/RecordsLP/Record Transfers are a little different. There are several different types, speeds, etc. We charge a "per" album fee for these. All transfers include tracks. If the album has 10 songs on it, you'll have 10 separate tracks on the CD. 
  • Single albums - $35 for 45's,  $65 for all else.
  • Vintage albums - $75 - $95 each
  • NEW! Do it yourself option! Rent a transfer unit for as low as $45/day!
Cassette TapesIf you cannot otherwise find the songs/music online, we'll transfer your old cassette tapes to MP3 or CD so you can continue to listen to your old favorites!
  • Cassette to CD - $35 each
  • Cassette to CD and MP3s - $65 each
8-Track TapesWe'll transfer your vintage 8-Track tapes to MP3 or CD so you can continue to listen to your old favorites or family treasures! 
  • Tapes to CD/MP3s - $65/hour (most are 90 mins.)

Have questions? Need a quote? Call or email us!  410-268-9109

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