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ADEK provides several audio based services. As many of you know, ADEK can be seen at many of our local festivals and big events in and around town providing sound reinforcement services, stage and lighting services.  As well, for those of you that need it, you know that you can visit ADEK to rent just about anything you need to enhance your event, conference, or party (PA systems, iPOD DJ systems, stages, lighting, speakers, wireless mic systems, etc.).

Along with the sound reinforcement and rental services, we have a couple of studios.  Studio A is a recording studio with two ISO (isolation) booths, that cater to many commercial applications (voice overs, mastering, etc.) as well as some artistic clients (bands, singers, etc.) and the other is a rehearsal studio equipped with a PA system, drum kit, bass head, guitar amp, etc. Use our gear or bring your own!

Our Disco D.J. services can make a so-so party, into an all out Saturday Night Fever Party! 

We also offer audio transfer services of reel to reels, LPs (vinyl records), and cassette tapes. Need a service not highlighted here? Let us know what you need, we may be able to assist you.

1 Pro Audio/Live Sound Reinforcement - MD & DC
2 Recording Studio
3 The Rehearsal Studios
4 Equipment Rentals & Sound Support
5 LP - Reel - Cassette - 8-Track Transfers
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